1. How many years have you been in business under the same name?

Some unqualified sinkhole repair companies have gone out of business due to botched work

and/or unethical practices, but started again under new names. That makes this question

important to ask.


2. In your years in business, how many has your company actually worked as a foundation


A plethora of former construction companies have jumped into the sinkhole repair business, but

this “learn on-the-fly” approach puts Florida’s residential homes, including yours, at risk.


3. Is your company fully licensed by the state of Florida and fully insured?

In addition to working with a permit, a state-certified contractor’s license and insurance, including general liability, automobile and property damage insurances, and workers compensation, are required by law. Ask to see documentation.


4. How many sinkhole repair and foundation stabilization projects has your company completed?

Your home might be scheduled for surgery. Do you want a doctor, i.e., contractor that has

performed less than a few hundred sinkhole repair procedures, or one that has performed

thousands? Be sure to choose the latter, and be wary of any foundation contractor that offers “free

inspections.” A contractor can consult, but only an engineer is qualified to perform the testing

necessary to determine sinkhole activity.


5. Is your company Better Business Bureau accredited?

If so, what is the company’s grade with the BBB?  It should be an A+. Use BBB.org and other

resources, such as SunBiz.org and FAS3.org to qualify a foundation contractor’s credentials.


6. Has your company met the criteria to be approved for membership in FAS3?

The Florida Association of Sinkhole Stabilization Specialists was formed in 2006. The organization

sets standards for the sinkhole repair industry and requires certain criteria from contractors and

engineers that wish to qualify for a membership. A recent study showed that less than 13% of all

Florida foundation contractors met the criteria to qualify for FAS3 membership. Make sure your

contractor is a FAS3 member.


7. What measures does your company take to keep the property and worksite clean?

Many foundation contractors claim to keep the worksite clean, but very few deliver. By the

the time the homeowner realizes this, it’s too late. Ask for references. For example, where is a site

that the contractor is currently working? Will the contractor park a Porta-potty in front of your

home during the repair? Will they use a tarp on the street to prevent oil from the cement trucks

leaking onto the street? What will they use under hoses to protect your lawn?


8. Is your company working with the engineer of record’s report and recommendations?

The sinkhole repair industry has seen a spike in companies that claim they will fix your home for

substantially less money. Some even work without a permit, which is illegal. If the foundation contractor is working without a permit and/or engineer, your home is at serious risk.


9. May I see a list of references, and are they recent?

Any reputable foundation contractor should be willing and able to provide references. Make sure

they are recent and more than just a few. Be sure to ask these questions of the references.