About LRE Foundation Repair

Foundation Solutions Since 1989

Since the 1980's, LRE Foundation Repair continues to work closely with leading geotechnical/structural engineering firms throughout central Florida. LRE is a Tampa foundation repair company with a highly trained and professional staff available for pre-construction consultations with engineers to discuss residential and commercial projects in greater detail.

Once construction begins, LRE's associates work side-by-side with engineers to make sure residential and commercial projects meet industry specifications and standards. On-site, the company's uniformed staff keep the work area clear of excess debris and are known for leaving the site neater than before work began.


Lar-Rays Excavating, Inc., began business in Hernando County, Florida, in February 1989. After three years in service, it became apparent that services needed to be expanded and hence the emergence of LRE Foundation Repair. The company began its operations in the ground modification field repairing sinkholes. It has expanded to include pre-construction soil stabilization and underpinning.

Since 1989, the company has grown from three individuals to over 100 associates. Obviously many challenges have been a part of this fast-growing business, and LRE has developed innovative ideas to provide superior services to our clients. By using specially designed state-of-the-art equipment, LRE has reduced further damage to structures and landscaping. As a Tampa area foundation repair company specializing in residential and commercial services, our uniformed field personnel is trained to put the client at ease during the repair process by answering all questions in a polite and professional manner. They also remove excess concrete and materials daily and leave the site as neat as possible. In this highly competitive business, our commitment to the client to be professional, honest and clean has enhanced our reputation.


Innovative Approaches

LRE Foundation Repair, has been in business since 1989. We have seen continual growth during that time, beginning with three employees to over 100 associates at this time. LRE Foundation Repair, is a stable and reliable Tampa area foundation repair company and has grown to be one of the largest in the State of Florida.

Having a quality control background has set us apart from our competitors, in the fact that we have a cleaner operation. A cleaner work area means less second-hand damage. LRE Foundation Repair stands apart from the competition. For example, most of our equipment has been specially designed to fit into small residential lots and around homes and landscaping, reducing damage to landscaping, lawns, sprinkler systems, etc. LRE Foundation Repair constantly strives to be the cleanest and most professional company in the field. Our neat, uniformed crews give the homeowner a sense of security that their home will be repaired properly. When our crews finish a job, the homeowner can hardly tell we have been there.

Since LRE Foundation Repair expanded its services with its foundation underpinning programs, it has established that LRE Foundation Repair strives to meet the clients' needs with new technology and equipment. We are the most reliable and fastest growing company in the field because we are always looking to find newer and better ways to provide our services to our clients.

LRE Foundation Repair in Tampa has completed nearly 8,000 residential and commercial foundation repair projects since 1989. LRE Foundation Repair works in the communities of Tampa, Orlando, Largo, and many more. The majority of our sinkhole repair work takes place in Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas, Hillsborough and Citrus Counties.

As a member of the International Supportworks, Inc network of structural support contractors, LRE Foundation Repair is proud to offer commercial and residential customers access to top-of-the-line structural products and services, with proven pinning, wall bracing and other geotechnical solutions. Our contractors are trained at the Supportworks International headquarters in Omaha, NE. The network includes over 200 dealers throughout all of North America, including local dealers serving neighborhoods in Ohio, California, Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, and throughout Canada.


LRE Foundation Repair is the industry leader in foundation repair and stabilization for residential and commercial properties, roads and anywhere there is a sinkhole or foundation concern. Since 1989, our proven formula for success includes delivering superior customer service through dedication, hard work, expertise, strong safety guidelines, operating efficiency…..and teamwork!

Treat each client as you would wish to be treated and each property as your own.

Expect nothing less than an exceptional performance from yourself and your team members.

Always practice the highest ethical standards to earn and maintain trust.

Meet or exceed the expectations of your clients and team members, consistently!

Media Coverage/Inquiries

For media inquiries and/or interview requests, please contact Abbey George LRE Foundation Repair Marketing Specialist via e-mail or phone at (352) 796-0229. Thank you!