Florida Association of Sinkhole Stabilization Specialists (FAS3)

FAS3 is an association of engineers, geologists, contractors and suppliers concerned with the ethical investigation, planning, design and remediation of sinkholes and sinkhole damaged properties. FAS³ was formed in 2006 to: ~Set standards for conduct, workmanship and business practices for those involved in the profession. ~Improve and develop knowledge of new ideas and methodologies of subsurface grouting, foundation stabilization and related testing and to share that knowledge with other professionals and interested parties. ~Improve the understanding of sinkhole formation, investigation, evaluation, and remediation by educating the public, government bodies and other interested parties. ~Encourage, fund, and participate in the practical application of research related to subsurface grouting, underpinning and foundation stabilization work, including providing educational opportunities for members of the organization, governmental officials, and the general public.