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Sarasota is a great place to live and work. Between beautiful year-round weather and easy access to numerous beaches, there is plenty to love about living here. However, there is one major drawback that plagues business owners and residents throughout the state — foundation trouble.

Fortunately, LRE Foundation Repair in Sarasota are experts at house leveling and repairing foundation damage. Our concrete contractors offer a full suite of services that can protect your home and stop foundation concerns in their tracks.

For over 30 years, we have faithfully served residents throughout the Sunshine State, including in Sarasota. Our foundation repair concrete contractors use the latest equipment and techniques to level houses and prevent foundational issues from causing further damage to your home or commercial property.

Our Foundation Repair Services

LRE Foundation Repair’s services include:

Crawl Space Repair

Foundation Repair


Concrete Leveling


Sarasota’s Best Foundation Repair Contractor

LRE Foundation Repair is the top foundation repair concrete contractor in Sarasota and all of Central Florida. If you are experiencing an issue with your foundation, crawl space, or concrete structures, our team of house leveling experts in Sarasota can fix it. We will promptly respond to your home and conduct a thorough inspection. Our team will then get to work making needed repairs.

Contact Sarasota’s foundation repair experts today for a free, no-obligation quote.