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LRE Foundation Repair is a leading provider of foundation repair, crawl space repair, and concrete leveling services in St. Petersburg, FL. Our expert team of technicians performs repairs on both residential and commercial properties.

In addition, we have vast experience repairing roadways, walkways, sidewalks, or any concrete structure that is threatened by a foundation problem.

Our organization is the largest foundation repair company in the state of Florida. We have grown to this size by holding true to our values, always putting customers first, and doing business with integrity.






Why LRE Foundation Repair

LRE Foundation Repair has served Florida residents for over three decades. Our staff lives and works in communities throughout the Sunshine State, including right here in St. Petersburg.

These close ties to the people we serve are what sets us apart from other foundation repair contractors. From the top down, our staff genuinely cares about doing what is in your best interest. We want to provide you with safe, effective, and long-lasting repair services that preserve the value of your home or commercial building.

What We Do

Has your sidewalk begun to sink, shift, and crack? Does your home have seemingly unexplained damage to the walls or floors? Is your crawl space packed with mold and moisture? No matter which of these issues you are experiencing in your St. Petersburg home or commercial property, LRE Foundation Repair can help.

Our professional team specializes in all things related to structural foundations and concrete slabs. Whether you are encountering a single foundational problem or all of the issues outlined above, our experts can provide you with effective, proven solutions that will prevent further damage to your property.

LRE Foundation Repair will gladly schedule a free home inspection and provide you with a detailed estimate of recommended repairs. To begin, simply contact our office and let us book your consultation.