Tampa Concrete Repair 

The concrete contractors of LRE Foundation Repair in Tampa, offers residents a wide variety of concrete services, from repairing, replacing, or grinding down old ones. We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners throughout central Florida, restoring the integrity and appearance of driveways, stairs, and more.

Pairing state-of-the-art equipment and technology with the decades of experience our team brings to each project, you’re sure to love the look of your concrete.

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Tampa Concrete Grinding Services

For flaking or pitting patios, driveways with oil spills, or uneven concrete stairs or floors, concrete grinding is a faster and more cost-effective option than completely replacing the slab. Most surfaces are ground down between 1/16–1/4 in. to remove surface damage.

Concrete grinding is an easy way to remove stains, pitting, flaking, or uneven surfaces without incurring the costs of removal and replacement. If your concrete is simply suffering from minor surface or cosmetic damage, concrete grinding services may be the right choice for you. After concrete has been ground down, you can protect it for years to come by applying a sealant.

Replacement and Removal

If a slab has enough damage, there may be no choice but to completely replace it. Aging or poorly-applied concrete can cost Tampa homeowners more than just money—it can damage the structural integrity of your home, causing further issues down the line, or act as a dangerous tripping hazard.

Our teams will safely remove all the damaged portions of your concrete, remove the rubbish, and replace your damaged slab with brand new concrete. Before you make any attempts to remove broken or damaged concrete, call LRE Foundation Repair for a free estimate.

Common Concrete Repairs

The high humidity of Florida weather can be hard on concrete. If you notice signs of damage soon enough, you may be able to opt for repairs instead of replacing an entire slab. Some of the most common repairs we undertake include:

Concrete Stair Repair

Uneven surfaces on stairs can be a fall hazard and lead to serious injury. Our team can find the cause of your staircase’s damage to properly repair it.

Drivewalk and Sideway Repairs 

Cracked and uneven sidewalks and driveways are more than unsightly—they can be dangerous for guests, delivery and service workers, and anyone walking by your home. Our Tampa concrete repair and contractor services can smooth driveways and sidewalks, potentially saving you from liability for an injury!

Details make a difference. The best concrete repairs depend on a combination of good materials and sound techniques.

Concrete Sealant Services

Concrete sealant can help maintain the integrity of your concrete for longer than untreated concrete would last. However, not all sealants are created equal. We use SealantPro™ to permanently protect your concrete with a single application, extending its life 3–5 times longer than untreated concrete.

Why Choose LRE for concrete services?

Few people think of the word “beautiful” when talking about concrete, but a smooth, undamaged slab truly does enhance the beauty of your home. Our decades of experience in Tampa and central Florida make us experts at casting, repairing, grinding, sealing, and removing concrete. Give us a call to schedule your free inspection and put your concrete concerns behind you.