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Homes age just like we do. As we age, we get wrinkles—homes get cracks and fissures in walls. As our muscles soften and become less toned, so too do our homes begin to sag and settle. However, cracks and signs of settlement in your home can also be symptoms of larger issues in your foundation.

LRE Foundation Repair has been inspecting and repairing residential and commercial foundation issues since 1989. In the thirty years since, we’ve grown to become central Florida’s largest foundation repair company. When our customers call for their free inspections, our Tampa area foundation repair contractors identify the source of your issues and provide viable solutions, like underpinning or grouting, to restore the safety and value of each home.

Sarasota Concrete & Foundation Repair | Cracks In Walls & Brickwork

How Do I Know If I Have A Foundation Problem?

While cracks can be a natural part of a home’s aging process, it’s always best to consult an expert as soon as you notice symptoms of foundation failure. That’s why, as Tampa foundation repair contractors, we offer free inspections. Sometimes we’ll find foundation issues and recommend a solution, whether that be underpinning, grouting or concrete leveling. Other times, a repair may not be necessary. At LRE, we’ll give it to you straight—we’ll never try to sell unnecessary services just to make a buck.

Symptoms of Foundation Failure

  • Some of the most common problems leading to foundation repair services in the central Florida area include:
  • Floor cracks
  • Settlement sinking
  • Sagging crawl space
  • Wall cracks
  • Uneven floors
  • Foundation heave
  • Sticking windows and doors
  • Street creep
Sarasota Concrete & Foundation Repair | Cracks In Walls & Brickwork

It’s Crucial to Uncover the Cause

Step one in any foundation repair project is finding the root of the issue. Repairing a foundation without first uncovering the true cause of the damage is akin to putting a bandaid on a bullet hole—a quick fix won’t cut it, and you’ll likely deal with the issue reappearing.

Because we value our time and yours, we won’t work on a repair until we’re sure we’ve found a solution that’s long-lasting and addresses the root cause of your foundation problem. We put in the due diligence necessary to fix problems for life, not just for now.

Patented Solutions for Premium Foundation Repairs

Once we understand the scope of your foundation issue, our team will customize the perfect solution for your specific needs. Our team of foundation repair contractors in Tampa use reliable, tested products that have proven their efficacy, and any product used by LRE is patented, warrantied, and guaranteed to solve your foundation problem.

Supportworks Products

Supportworks Inc. is potentially the biggest and most trusted name in foundation repair product manufacturing, which is why we exclusively use Supportworks products. Each piece we install has been meticulously designed and tested by a team of engineers and comes with a warranty for added peace of mind.

Learn more about Supportworks products and how they can help Tampa families stabilize their homes and maintain the value of their investment on their website.

Our foundation repair methods

Faulty foundations result in decreased home safety, value, and appearance. LRE offers a variety of services, one of which will be the right solution for whatever issue your home is facing.

Common Tampa foundation repair solutions include:

Nationally-Recognized Work Right Here In Tampa

Many other companies offer products and services similar to ours. However, not every foundation repair company has received a HomeAdvisor seal of approval. LRE Foundation Repair has—among other awards—and we’ll continue to strive for greatness every day.

The Cost of Foundation Repair

What does foundation repair cost? That depends on a number of factors and will vary from property to property. We provide detailed cost quotes so you know exactly how your money is being allocated.