LRE Care Club Annual Maintenance Program

Give yourself the peace of knowing that your LRE systems are properly maintained.

Annual Maintenance Program

When you buy a new car, you know it still needs to have its oil changed and tires checked at regular intervals. The same goes for the various systems we install. They need regular yearly maintenance to ensure they run as designed for many years to come. It’s a simple way to protect an investment that protects your home.

That’s why we created LRE Care Club — an easy yearly payment of $175 that covers your annual maintenance appointment. In addition, you get priority scheduling and a five percent discount on future systems and products!

Maintaining your LRE Foundation Repair system regularly can reduce the occurrence of emergency service calls while ensuring that your system keeps working effectively and efficiently. Regular servicing also increases your system’s expected life span. And to keep that peace of mind going, every annual maintenance visit includes a full inspection. 

Annual Maintenance

Your LRE Care Club membership includes our regular annual maintenance and inspection plan.*

* Minimum one-year membership required

Priority Service

LRE Care Club members get priority scheduling for maintenance, service, and install appointments.

Member Rewards

Members also receive a 5 percent discount on purchases at the membership address.

Included Services


  • Test and cycle sump pump operations 
  • Clean silt and sediment from sump system liner
  • Change WaterWatch(R) alarm battery
  • Inspect gutters, downspouts and grading
  • Inspect discharge lines

Foundation Stabilization

  • Assess benchmarks
  • Replace or add benchmarks if needed
  • Determine foundation elevation
  • Inspect gutters, downspouts and grading
  • Inspect foundation walls for water stains, efflorescence and cracks
  • Inspect and adjust SmartJack System if needed


  • Check relative humidity set point
  • Inspect filter
  • Clean evaporator coil and heat exchange core 
  • Clean drain pipe
  • Inspect refrigeration system, blower and wires and connections