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June 3, 2013

LRE to Plant Tree in Sinkhole Victim Lily Fielder’s Memory

BROOKSVILLE, FLA. -  When LRE Foundation Repair volunteered its services to fill three massive sinkholes on a residential property in Brooksville in February; the foundation contractor knew its work wasn’t complete yet.

Months after filling the craters located at 4370 Broad Street in Brooksville, LRE is scheduled to return to the 1-acre property to take care of some unfinished business and memorialize one of the victims.

At 2:00 PM on Tuesday, June 4, LRE is scheduled to meet with Richard Gray and his family to plant an oak tree on the property in memory of Lily Fielder. Gray’s mother Lily and her husband Troy lived in the house from 1963 until last summer, which is when Tropical Storm Debby flooded the property and created three enormous sinkholes, one of which took down a 200-year-old oak tree.

One month after Tropical Storm Debby hit, Lily Fielder passed away from Leukemia. With the help of money received from FEMA, Troy Fielder was re-located to an assisted living facility in Tennessee, where he is surrounded by family.

Gray exhausted all options for financial assistance in an effort to salvage his childhood home. That’s when LRE Foundation Repair stepped in and volunteered its services to fill the sinkholes.

“We prayed for a miracle, and the Lord sent LRE,” Gray said.

The huge craters were a hazard and eyesore for over half a year. The underlying cause of the sinkholes has yet to be determined by a professional geotechnical engineer. The residence will not be considered safe or stabilized until it is actually repaired in accordance to a professional engineer's recommendation.  LRE's goal and role was to patch up the problems on the surface that were obvious to anyone that travels by the property.

Filling the massive holes required dozens of truckloads worth of dirt and thousands of dollars in manpower and resources. LRE picked up the bill, citing the fact that what the Brooksville-based foundation repair contractor has invested pales in comparison to what the property owners endured nearly one year ago.

“We couldn’t just sit by and not do anything for this homeowner,” said LRE Foundation Repair General Manager Frank Vitale. “These are victims in every sense of the word, and this sinkhole problem was practically in our backyard. Somebody had to do something, and it was LRE’s honor to step up to the plate.”

“These were massive holes that were unsafe for the homeowner and possibly other Hernando County residents. LRE put a Band-Aid on an issue that likely will need more attention down the road. But the work we performed on this property should be considered a significant step in the right direction for Mr. Gray, his family and all of Hernando County."

A family owned and operated company, LRE Foundation Repair is Florida's largest foundation repair operation, employing over 130 full-time team members and deploying over 20 crews each day. That manpower, along with the company's high ethical standards and outstanding reputation in neighborhoods throughout the state, have played an integral role in LRE completing over 4,000 residential and commercial projects since 1989.

For media requests related to the work that will be performed by LRE Foundation Repair at 4370 Broad Street in Brooksville, or general inquiries about LRE, contact Marketing Manager Jim Flynn at 1-352-796-0229

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