A homeowner located in Port Richey, FL was experiencing unstable and sinking concrete around their pool deck, specifically around a deco drain. Deco drains are designed to collect and divert water where it would usually pool. Since the concrete had sunk around the deco drain, it was not only causing tripping hazards, rain and water from the pool was unable to drain, making the concert wet and slippery. The homeowner wanted to find a solution to raise and stabilize their settling pool deck, so they contacted LRE Foundation Repair.


One of LRE’s design specialists visited the home in Port Richey to conduct an inspection. LRE’s design specialist recommended concrete lifting and leveling, achieved by using PolyLevel. PolyLevel is a specially engineered polymer foam that is both lightweight and durable and is able to support and lift sunken concrete back to its original level without any added weight.

LRE’s specially trained field technicians conducted an analysis to determine how much lift is needed to level the slab without affecting the existing deco drain. The LRE team drilled pea-sized holes into the affected areas and injected PolyLevel foam underneath the slab. The PolyLevel foam expands under the surface to raise the slab, then hardens to stabilize it. LRE was able to remedy the homeowner's concerns by permanently lifting and stabilizing their pool deck.

The concrete had settled around the pool deck, causing trip hazards and eliminating proper water drainage.

Concrete settlement causing problems to the homeowner's pool deck screen enclosure.

Cracks were starting to appear around the edges of the pool. 

LRE's field technicians drilled Pea-sized holes into the concrete slab to inject PolyLevel underneath. 

Once the PolyLevel is injected underneath the slab, it begins to expand, filling any voids between the soil and the concrete, while raising the slab.

Once the concrete is leveled, it begins to harden to permanently stabilize the slabs. Within just 15 minutes of completion the homeowner had full access to their pool again.

This waterproof and environmentally friendly foam is the perfect solution for raising concrete around the pool.