Florida Fire College in Ocala Florida has been experiencing settling in recent years. This is due to clay soil expansion and contraction below the foundation. Some areas of the structure have experienced large cracks in the brick veneer. The Florida Department of Management Services retained Lewis & Whitlock PA to formulate a plan to stabilize the building. It was decided the best approach to stabilize the structure was to install 3” push piers at the affected areas. This deep foundation method is effective in stabilizing existing structures and minimally lifting.


LRE Foundation Repair was chosen to install the Push Pier system for this project. LRE retained RE&A Engineering to layout the pier locations and monitor the installation process. Fifty six FSI 288 push piers where installed to 32 foot average depths. The push piers where installed per RE&A recommendations. A FSI retrofit bracket was installed at each location. After installation of the brackets, LRE hydraulically loaded the brackets. Using a laser level and measuring devices at each location the structure was stabilized and minimally raised. Multiple areas required the use of I/spreader beams to transfer the loading.

Project Summary

Architect: Lewis & Whitlock P.A.

Geotechnical Engineer: GEO Tech

Certified Installer: LRE Foundation Repair Inc.

Products Installed: Fixty Six FSI 288 - Push Piers to an average depth of 32 feet

Florida Fire College
Underpinning in progress.

Underpinning in progress.

Corner section being underpinned.

Corner section being underpinned.