Project: Greenbrier Condo

Location: Spring Hill, Florida

Date: January 2016

Geotechnical Engineer:  Florida Geotechnical Engineering, Inc


Project Summary : 

LRE Foundation Repair LLC was contracted by Greenbrier Lake Condominium Association, Inc., to stabilize the subsurface soils at this location. LRE Restoration Services LLC. was also contracted to remediate the building , pool area, Landscape and Parking lot, after the subsurface work was completed

Scope  of  Services:

High pressure low mobility grout was installed to densify the deep Karst conditions at this property. Pressure grouting was performed to average depths of 40 feet. To stabilize the shallow soils beneath the exterior footers. Polyurethane permeation grout was performed, to tighten the loose near surface soils. The compaction grout scope, utilized 124 grout points, 4,923 LF of injection pipe and 1,188 Cubic Yards of Compaction Grout. The shallow Polyurethane scope required 277 Gallons of single part permeation grout.  After this work was complete LRE Restoration Services division mobilized. There were many cracks in the exterior walls, slabs and walkways related to the buildings settlement. There were also settlement cracks in the walkways, pool area and parking lot. LRE transformed the entire exterior of the property. New stucco was applied and painted, walkways received new pavers including the 2nd floor balcony, walkway to the pool and entire pool deck.