LRE Commercial (LRE) was asked to help with the continuing foundation settlement, happening at the Lakeland RV Clubhouse. LRE retained Florida Geotechnical Engineering (FGE) to do an extensive investigation at the above site. A ground Penetrating Radar and a slab elevation survey was performed to narrow down the areas with foundation and slab settlement. SPT borings were also performed to formulate the proper pier design. It was found that the Clubhouse structure had been previously underpinned. At the time that the previous interior piers were installed an additional 8" of of material was poured on top of the original 4" slab.


LRE received sealed plans from Florida Geotechnical Engineering (FGE). The plans called for underpinning the West half of the Clubhouse's slab and interior load-bearing walls. LRE removed the existing, 12" thick slab and installed 14) FSI 288 retrofit piers at the interior load-bearing walls and 49) FSI 288 new construction piers within the removed slab area. The piers had an 8" - 10" helix configuration. When the piers were complete, LRE installed a 4" mud mat and 8" structural mat slab. The structural slab incased the new construction piers and caps, to ensure that future settlement would not occur. FGE monitored the helical pier installation process, as well as inspecting and overseeing the structural mat slab installation.

Project Summary

Geotechnical Engineer: Florida Geotechnical Engineering, Inc. 

Owner/Construction Manager: Sun Communitites, Inc.

Certified Installer: LRE Commercial

Products Installed: 63) FSI 288 Helical Piers with 8" - 10" helix configuration 

Piers installed

Helical pier installation

Before Pour

Rebar placement after pier installation

Finished Slab

Finished 8" structual slab