This property is located in Central Hernando County, FL. Due to concerns over high clay soils and sinkhole activity in this part of Florida, the owner hired a Geotechnical engineer. SPT and soil borings were completed and soil samples collected. Due to the highly expansive clay soils found during testing, it was recommend that piers be installed.


Helical piles were recommended for this project. Helical piles install quickly with little to no vibration and there is no waiting period after installation. This allows the contractor to pour the footers and column pads as the pier installation is completed. Using specialized software it was determined that a 10" - 12" Helix configuration would be required for the specified loading. The piles, which were manufactured by Foundation Supportworks, were installed to depths below the clay soils to help isolate the foundation and prevent shrink/swell movement. The final installation depths we determined by the torque correlation method. In order to achieve the desired loading, hydraulic pressure is monitired using specialized equipment. The top of the piles are fitted with a preconstruction cap that is cast into the concrete footers and column pads.

Project Summary

Architect: Arthur Rutenburg Homes

Structural Engineer: Ramos Engineering & Associates, LLC

Specialty Foundation Engineer: Ramos Engineering & Associates, LLC

Geotechnical Engineer: Ramos Engineering & Associates, LLC

Certified Installer: LRE Foundation Repair

Products Installed: (134) 2.88" helical Piles. 10"-12" helix configuration, Average Pile Depth of 23 feet, Design working compression loads of 28.8 kips


Pier installation


Laying out pier locations


Advancing Helical Pier


Finished piers with caps

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Completed construction