A Homeowner in Crystal Beach called LRE Foundation Repair to find a permanent solution to protect their forever home. A substantial amount of the wood underneath the home had rotted away and was no longer supporting the house, causing the floors to sag.


One of LRE’s design specialists was sent to the home in Crystal River to address the concerns of the homeowner. A thorough inspection revealed wood rot due to moisture, high humidity, and temperature. In order to provide support for the home, LRE’s design specialist decided that selected areas of the floor would have to be removed and replaced, supplemental beams would need to be installed, along with SmartJack systems.

LRE’s Specially trained field technicians worked underneath the home to remove and replace the old, rotted wood. Two supplemental beams were installed to give added support to the pre-existing structure. To address the sagging floors, 14 SmartJacks were installed to re-raise and permanently stabilize the house so LRE Foundation Repair could make the homeowner's house their forever home.

Rotted floors on home in crystal river
rotted floor in crystal river
rotted wood underneath house in crystal river
removed and replaced wood under house in crystal river
replace wood under home in crystal river
fixed supplemental beam in crystal river