A homeowner contacted LRE after purchasing a new home in Tampa, FL. The home was in desperate need of renovations. In order for the homeowner to begin transforming the house for it to be habitable, the floors needed to be addressed.


One of LRE’s Design Specialists’s visited the home in Tampa to conduct a whole home inspection. The inspection revealed sloping and sagging floors across the whole home. In addition, one area of the floor had been completely torn up due to rotted wood, exposing the home to the elements. LRE’s Design Specialist concluded SmartJacks would need to be installed to lift and level the sloping floors. To address the flooring; removal and replacement of the subfloor, joists, and supplemental beams would be necessary.

LRE’s Field Technicians removed the weakened supplemental beams, joists, and flooring and replaced them with new material. This allowed LRE’s team to then install 14 SmartJacks underneath the new flooring and existing flooring to permanently stabilize the whole home's floors. LRE was able to remedy the new homeowners’ concerns, allowing them to safely continue renovations.


Damaged joists and floors

The flooring was rotted, exposing the soil below

Damaged joists and floors

Wood rot underneath the home, weakening the structure causing sagging floors

Damaged joists and floors

New supplemental beams and joists

Crawl Space Jack

SmartJacks installment to permanently stabilize the whole home

New Subfloor

New subflooring to cover the below soil and structure