A property owner living on the beach in St. Augustine was experiencing pool shell movement due to loose soil conditions. The sandy conditions were causing the pool shell to move towards the water, inflicting damage to the pool shell and putting the entire pool and deck in jeopardy. A retaining wall already existed, but it was not providing adequate support.


The engineering firm that investigated the sliding pool shell determined that the existing retaining wall needed to be replaced and tieback anchors needed to be installed in order to combat the soil instability and loose sands. LRE was hired to install 11 tieback anchors, which were manufactured by Foundation Supportworks (FSI). More specifically, LRE utilized 11 FSI 150 square bar tieback anchors for the project. In addition, LRE poured individual footer columns for footer posts in the sand and constructed a new 75 linear foot retaining wall. These efforts permanently stabilized the pool shell.

Project Summary

Structural Engineer: Rimkus Consulting

Specialty Foundation Engineer: Rimkus Consulting

Geotechnical Engineer: Rimkus Consulting

Contractor: LRE Foundation Repair

Certified Installer: LRE Foundation Repair

Products Installed: Individual footer columns for footer posts in the sand. Eleven (11) FSI 150 Helical Square Bar Tieback Anchors installed. Seventy-five (75) foot retaining wall constructed


Individual footers set in sand

Tieback Anchors

Tieback Anchors installed

Retaining Wall

Retaining wall constructed

tieback anchors

The new retaining wall and tieback anchors stopped the pool shell from sliding