Compaction grouting

Compaction grouting, also called pressure grouting or low mobility grouting, is a form of soil stabilization that's done by pumping grout into the ground through threaded steel casings under high pressure.

It may, for example, be used to fill subsurface voids or fissures in limestone bedrock. We also use this technique to repair or prevent sinkhole damage. Where slurry grouting permeates and solidifies soils, compaction grouting densifies and replaces soils.

Slurry grouting

Compaction grouting is often used in combination with slurry grouting. The former is typically stopped above depths of 20 feet in order to avoid foundation heaving and damaging the structure.

Slurry grouting, injected at lower pressures, is then used to stabilize the remaining soil strata.

Repairing sinkholes

Sinkholes are the last thing we want as Floridians, but they’re prevalent.

Sinkholes can leave serious damage to our homes and building structures. Compaction grouting can stabilize the ground if structures have been damaged by sinkholes.

Compaction grouting is also used to stabilize the soil and prevent structures from shifting or settling over time, especially in areas prone to sinkhole activity.

The compaction grouting process

We follow a detailed, thorough process when performing compaction grouting for our clients.

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