Helical piers are one of the best innovations in foundation support. The number of foundation issues they can alleviate for homeowners and business owners is simply astounding. We offer these foundation-stabilizing helical piers to homes in the Tampa area. Helical piers work by driving deep into the soil below the building and transferring the weight of the structure through the piers. This allows the support system to be supported by the deep bedrock instead of the loose soil near the top of the surface.

Installing Helical Piles

Helical piers are one of the most trusted systems for the stability of structures. The soil is removed from the area where the piers will be installed. Once the soil is removed, the helical piers are pushed into the ground as far as possible using special equipment, down to the more stable soil or bedrock below. This allows the piers to be anchored to a stable area underneath the home. When the piers are in place, they provide strong support to the foundation. 

Helical piers lift the structure back to its level position and provide long-lasting foundation support. Helical piers are effective at preventing further foundational issues. Not only does this system effectively level and support the structure of the home, but it can alleviate the symptoms that go along with foundation damage, such as sticking windows and doors, tilting chimneys, and uneven floors.

Photo of foundation cracking at a residential home in Pinellas County, FL

When should a helical pier system be used for foundation repair?

Helical piers are a great solution to remedy a number of foundation issues, especially when local soil conditions are known. With knowledge of the area’s soil, the foundation repair contractor will know how deep to install the helical piers to reach stable soil. Our foundation repair company suggests using helical pier and pile systems in your Tampa home when:

  • The structure needs to be lifted to its original position
  • Support is needed for a lighter structure such as a deck or stoop
  • Minimal disturbance of the surrounding are is desired
  • A fast but effective remedy is needed
  • Property value needs to be restored

LRE Foundation Repair is your number-one choice for any foundation issues you may be encountering. We will work with you to ensure you get the right solution for your foundation problems and ensure these issues don’t happen again. Contact our Tampa foundation repair company today to learn more about our helical pier installation services!