How Slab Pier Systems Work

Foundation repairs are often a headache for many homeowners. Even those needing commercial services in the Tampa area are affected by this! It is often something that happens through no fault of the owner, and it can be hard to tell just how serious the damage is. While your home may need a serious structural change, more often than not, a simple change to the slabs on your foundation may be all that you need. This is where the slab pier system offered to Tampa residents, comes into play, and the commercial foundation contractors and experts at LRE Foundation Repair can install it for you!

How Will They Help?

Slab pier systems are incredibly effective at keeping the structure of your home completely level, even with the ever-shifting soil underneath your Florida home. They also have the added bonus of removing the cracks that may have appeared because of the structural changes. For our customers in Tampa, a slab pier system is pushed deep underneath your home to stronger earth, where they can remain supportive when the rest of the soil may be shifting.

Slab piers are unique in that there are two kinds, and we can help determine which one would fit your foundational issues. The first is the helical slab pier system, available to Tampa area residents. This pier is shaped similarly to a screwdriver. It is driven slowly into the earth below until it hits earth that is more stable than the soil above. The second is hydraulically driven slab piers. The goal is similar to the helical pier, but it is achieved by pushing a stable rod underneath the flooring to the soil below. Once they are both installed, they can lift your home and the slabs in your floor up to their original position so stability never becomes an issue again.

Need foundation repair help in your home, or commercial services in Tampa? Contact the residential and commercial foundation contractors at LRE Foundation Repair today to have our professional team provide a free inspection, consultation, and estimate. Ask us about our slap pier systems and how they can improve the stability of your home!