Hardscaping features, such as, driveways, pool decks, outdoor dining areas and fire pits, can transform your backyard into the outdoor living space of your dreams. Hardscaping options are endless.

They provide a beautiful setting for your patio, garden area and pool deck in both the front and back yard.

Our experts at L.R.E. Ground Services, Inc. can provide design ideas and build out the hardscaping features you desire. We use durable concrete pavers to make your hardscaping dreams come true.

No matter how complex your hardscaping project appears, our experts will listen to your ideas and design a hardscaping plan so all elements look natural and blend seamlessly with your landscaping and any existing structures in your backyard.

Types of hardscaping projects

At L.R.E. Ground Services, Inc., our clients call us for hardscaping projects not only because they want a beautifully-designed hardscape, but they want their hardscaping project to last.

Because we specialize in understanding the soil and how concrete and pavers interact with it, we can build the hardscape upon a solid foundation.

We can install any hardscaping project you have in mind. Some of the most common requests we get include:

Walkways, edging, and stairs

We can design and install a wide range of hardscaped, outdoor walkways, including the accompanying edging and stairways. We also restore damaged walkways. Available in a multitude of colors, shapes and sizes, we use pavers to blend or distinguish landscaping elements. Whether you want a short pathway or a massive one, we can help you create an outdoor living space that you'll never want to leave.

Outdoor fireplaces & fire pits

A custom fire pit or outdoor fireplace creates a beautiful focal point for a patio or outdoor living area. It feels contemporary and modern, and it’s a beautiful addition to any home. Adding a fire feature also allows you to enjoy your outdoor space for more months of the year so you can get the most out of your backyard. We can build a fire pit or outdoor fireplace that will perfectly complement your landscaping.

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Our professionals have experience designing and installing all types of hardscape features and pavers. As a full-service concrete contractor, L.R.E. Ground Services, Inc. is available to help with all of your concrete paver needs.

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