Pool Deck Pavers

A pool deck can make or break your experience of the entire pool.

Old pool decks with cracked or slippery concrete, or rotting wood, can not only look and feel unpleasant, but they can cause slipping and tripping hazards. No one wants their fun summer afternoon at the pool to end in injury!

L.R.E. Ground Services, Inc. specializes in installing concrete pool deck pavers that add beauty and value to your home. Our pool deck pavers allow you to customize your pool environment in a safe, reliable way.

You'll be grateful for the comfort and style of your new pool deck when you see how beautiful and functional pool pavers can be! Using pool deck pavers to create a new pool deck offers unbeatable customization at a great cost.

Benefits of pool deck pavers

  • Colorful
  • Durable
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Low maintenance

When to consider pool deck pavers?

If you're experiencing problems with your current pool deck, installing pool deck pavers can be a great alternative to building a new wood deck, concrete repair or resurfacing.

Here’s when we recommend pool deck pavers:

Tripping hazards around the pool

When a pool deck becomes cracked and uneven, it’s a serious tripping hazard for children and adults. It should be addressed quickly! You can repair the concrete, or if you want a different look and long-lasting option, pool deck pavers are a great solution.

Further erosion and damage

Beyond the risk of injury, leaving a damaged pool deck untreated allows surface water to enter the cracks, possibly causing further erosion and settlement. It's in your best interest to prevent this damage by creating a new pool deck - and a pool deck with concrete pavers is a great option.

Affordably overhaul the appearance of the pool deck

If you're looking to completely overhaul the appearance of your pool deck, pavers can be a cost-effective solution. Rather than installing expensive, real stone around the side of your pool, you can get the same effect with pavers through the colors and styles that you choose.

The trick is picking complimentary colors and varying sizes and patterns of patio deck pavers. We’ve installed many pool decks with pavers and our experts are glad to help you design the pool deck and evaluate the costs.

Even if your pool has been around for years, installing pool deck pavers can add a new look and added beauty.

Installing a new pool

If you’re just now getting a pool, it’s the perfect time to install a pool deck that is durable, beautiful and long-lasting! L.R.E. Ground Services, Inc. can also install brand new pool decks using pavers.

Why call L.R.E. Ground Services for pool deck pavers?

When you choose to work with L.R.E. Ground Services, Inc., you'll get a combination of creativity and craftsmanship that will result in a project you can be proud of. Our skilled employees will work with you to ensure every aspect of your pool deck is handled with precision and care.

Examining soil problems

Because of our extensive knowledge about soil, concrete and installing surfaces along water, you want the L.R.E. Ground Services team on your pool deck job.

Before we install pool deck pavers, we perform a full inspection to determine the condition and needs of your property before we get started.

Sometimes, there may be soil settlement issues to resolve, such as a small sinkhole, weak fill soils that have compacted, or clay soils that cause damage by expanding and contracting with changes in moisture content.

Before beginning any work, we'll make sure the soil beneath the pool deck will provide solid, stable support in the future.

Get started on your pool deck project!

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