Sidewalk Installation from L.R.E. Ground Services, Inc.

In need of a new sidewalk? Sidewalks may need to be replaced for many different reasons, whether it’s a cosmetic issue or a safety issue. Sidewalks can experience many different issues over time and may need either a simple repair or a complete replacement.

At L.R.E. Ground Services, Inc., we provide concrete sidewalk installation to give your sidewalk a brand new look and increase your home’s curb appeal.

When You Should Consider a New Sidewalk

Sidewalks receive a lot of traffic and can take on a lot of wear and tear over the years. Sidewalks can be easy to ignore since they are further away from your home compared to a driveway or patio, but it’s important to maintain them for cosmetic and safety reasons.

Cosmetically speaking, a beaten up sidewalk can decrease the curb appeal of your home and make it less appealing to potential homebuyers.

It can also increase liability for safety reasons if there are major cracks or uneven surfaces. If your sidewalk has serious damage and someone gets hurt on it, you could potentially be at fault for their injuries. Installing a new sidewalk can give you peace of mind for many years with a safe, even surface.

Sidewalk Damage Symptoms

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to look out for your sidewalks and make sure they are safe and even. It’s a good idea to periodically check your sidewalks for any signs of damage before it becomes worse.

To avoid costly issues and to restore your home’s value, contact us if you notice any of the following signs on your sidewalk:

  • Cracks: Sidewalk cracks can either be large or small. Even the smallest of cracks can indicate a more serious problem, so it’s best to fix them early before they get worse.
  • Pitting or Flaking: Pitting or flaking can cause cosmetic issues, but can also create an uneven surface and can be a dangerous tripping hazard. At the first sign of pitting or flaking, contact our experts to inspect.
  • Flooding: If you notice any pooling of water in areas of your sidewalk, it could be a sign of drainage issues that can lead to bigger problems for you in the future.
  • Sinking Concrete: As the soils in the ground underneath your concrete shift, it can cause the slabs to sink. A sunken slab can create a tripping hazard for your family or anyone else who walks on your sidewalk.

Maintaining Your Sidewalk

There are certain things you can do to maintain your sidewalk and increase its longevity. Sidewalks are low maintenance, but there are certain measures you can take to make sure you don’t have to face expensive issues in the future.

Inspect for cracks or uneven slabs: Keeping an eye out for early signs of cracks or uneven surfaces can help you spot signs of damage early and get it fixed before it becomes worse and more expensive to fix.

  • Clean: Using a power washer to clean the surface of your sidewalk is an easy way to keep it clean and maintain its new, fresh look.
  • Seal it: Applying sealer to your sidewalk at least once per year can help protect it from harsh weather conditions or chemicals.
  • Avoid de-icers: De-icers can have harsh chemicals in them, so it’s best to try and avoid them during the winter months.

Sidewalk Installation from L.R.E Ground Services, Inc.

If you’re in need of a new sidewalk, rely on L.R.E. Ground Services, Inc. for sidewalk installation. Since 1989, we have provided Florida residents with a way to restore their home’s value and protect their properties.

Sidewalk installation requires a strategic step-by-step process, and our concrete experts know how to install a quality sidewalk that will last a long time.

Contact us today for your free inspection for sidewalk installation!