Pool Deck Repair in Florida

If you have a pool, there’s more maintenance required than just mixing the chlorine and maintaining clean water. Your pool deck also requires some maintenance in order to be a safe, even surface. As pools are often a place where people are running around, an even surface is very important for safety.
If your pool deck is showing signs of an uneven surface, ask LRE Foundation Repair what your options are and we will provide a free estimate!

Symptoms of Pool Deck Damage

Do you notice any uneven surfaces around your pool? Are there tripping hazards caused by unlevel concrete? This is a telltale sign that your pool deck may be suffering from concrete settlement. 
Sometimes concrete damage can be mistaken for concrete settlement, so it’s important to know the difference. Concrete damage may require different solutions than concrete leveling.

Concrete Damage

More severe concrete damage usually includes:

  • Cracking: Cracks can appear in many different sizes. Whether large or small, any crack is a nuisance and will eventually require repair. If the crack is very large, it may require a complete slab replacement.
  • Pitting or flaking: Over time, your pool deck may experience pitting or flaking. This is certainly something you don’t want to happen on your pool deck, and it may get worse over time if left untreated.
  • Stains: Although stains are primarily a cosmetic issue, it can take away from the aesthetics of your pool. Some stains may be easy to remove with a power washer, while others may need more extensive work to remove.

Depending on the severity of the damage, these types of symptoms may require a complete concrete slab replacement.

Concrete Settlement

Concrete settlement may require a simple fix in order for the surface to be repaired. Although it is a form of concrete damage, it typically doesn’t require a complete concrete replacement and can simply be lifted back into place.

Signs of concrete settlement include:

  • Sunken slabs: Your pool deck is likely made up of several concrete slabs. If you notice one slab sunken down below the other, this is a sign of concrete settlement.
  • Cracks: Settlement is most often in the form of a sunken slab, but it can also result in cracks as well. Depending on the situation, sometimes cracks can be repaired from concrete leveling, or it may require a slab replacement.

Why Do Pool Decks Sink?

Concrete pool decks are often made of several concrete slabs. Depending on the support of the soils below the surface, it can cause some of those slabs to sink and create uneven surfaces.

Shifting Soils

The soils in the ground are a major culprit for concrete settlement for pool decks. Changing weather conditions can cause the soils to expand and contract. Excess water in the soils from rainwater can cause the soils to saturate with water and expand.

On the other hand, dry weather conditions can cause the soils to contract and create voids within the soil, losing its supportive nature.

As the soils expand and contract, they create voids and lose their support for the weight of the concrete above.

Lift and Level with PolyLevel

Fortunately, you don’t need to live with your uneven pool deck any longer. At LRE Foundation Repair, we offer PolyLevel to lift your sunken concrete back into place.

PolyLevel is a polyurethane foam that is injected into the ground where the concrete has sunk. Once it is injected into the ground, the foam expands and lifts the concrete back into place.

Once it’s cured, it provides a permanent solution for your sunken concrete and will restore your pool deck as a safe, even surface.

Let LRE Foundation Repair Restore Your Pool Deck

When it comes to your pool deck, you want a safe and even surface that won’t hold you back from enjoying your pool. We have proudly helped Florida residents restore their concrete surfaces since 1989.

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