How PolyLevel® works

As experienced foundation repair professionals, we rely on PolyLevel® to repair sinking concrete. PolyLevel® is a modern alternative to mudjacking and it offers many attractive advantages over traditional means of lifting concrete.

4-steps of installing PolyLevel®

PolyLevel® is installed in a simple 4-step concrete lifting process that results in a safe, secure and level concrete slab.

It’s not recommended to DIY PolyLevel®, you need to work with a concrete expert. Our contractors have undergone specialized training on how to install PolyLevel® correctly professionally. We follow this four-step process:

Step 1: Drill small holes into the concrete

We will bore a minimum number of small, 3/8in. holes (pea-sized), through the sunken concrete slab. This will not require heavy machinery and come with minimal disruption to both your home and landscaping.

Step 2: Injector port installed

We will place an injector port into each hole we drill for the foam to be poured.

Step 3: Inject the foam

We will inject high-density polymer foam into the port. The foam is specially formulated and the material will begin to expand and lift the concrete slab. This will stabilize the slab without adding any weight.

Step 4: Fill the holes

Once the foam is poured, we will remove the port, clean and patch the holes in the cement. The slab will essentially be “floating” on the expanded foam. The foam is waterproof and safe for the environment, and it will not wash away. It also will not add more weight to the unstable soil that caused the concrete to sink.

PolyLevel- Drill small holes into the concrete
LRE Step 2
PolyLevel- Foam Injection
LRE Step 4

Advantages of PolyLevel®

How does PolyLevel® fix sunken concrete? It relies on the unique qualities of expanding polyurethane foam. This means the product comes with several advantages:

  • Environmentally safe
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof (will prevent future erosion)
  • Quick
  • Clean (doesn’t cause a mess)
  • Permanent

In other words, PolyLevel® takes the original concept of mudjacking and combines it with modern knowledge and technology.

PolyLevel® doesn’t only offer a solution for concrete repair that looks better and lasts longer, it is less destructive to the applied surface.

Mudjacking uses a heavier fill to level the surface and requires a larger quantity of injection holes along with larger sized injection holes.

Our team at LRE Foundation Repair recommends PolyLevel® for concrete repair. Call us today at (352) 247-7716 for a free inspection.