Crawl Space Solutions for a Healthy Crawl Space

Crawl spaces can be easy to ignore since they are typically “out of sight out of mind.” However, just like any other part of your home, it’s important to maintain your crawl space and keep it a healthy environment. Not only do dirty crawl spaces impact the health of your crawl space, but it also impacts the inside of your home.

LRE Foundation Repair provides crawl space solutions to protect it and keep it healthy. If you notice any symptoms of crawl space water damage, cracks, or sinking in your Tampa home, our repair experts can provide a free inspection for crawl space solutions.

Symptoms of Crawl Space Damage

Crawl space damage can appear in many different ways in your home or business in Tampa. Crawl space water damage, crack, and sinking repairs may be needed, so it’s important for homeowners to be able to recognize the different signs of crawl space damage.

Since crawl spaces are not considered a main part of your home, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and headaches by simply checking on the health of your crawl space periodically throughout the year.

These check-ups can help you catch any early signs of potential problems and prevent bigger, more expensive issues from occurring in the future.

Structural Damage

Crawl spaces can experience structural damage that can impact the structural integrity of your home. As the weight of your home relies on the support of your crawl space, it’s important for your crawl space to be structurally sound in order to support the weight of your home.

The floor joists in your crawl space can become weak over time and begin to sag. This typically happens when there is moisture in the crawl space and it causes the wooden floor joists to weaken.

Water Damage

Crawl spaces are prone to water damage as they are very dark, damp places that receive very little air flow. Once water enters your crawl space, it most likely won’t go away on its own and will start to create larger problems as it sits in your crawl space

Water damage can result in mold growth, musty odors, pest infestation, or flooding in your crawl space. All of these symptoms can wreak havoc on your home if left untreated. Contact our Tampa crawl space water damage repair experts to save your home before it’s too late.

Impacts of Crawl Space Damage on Your Home

Unfortunately, the symptoms that you experience in your crawl space don’t just stay in your crawl space. They can impact your home as well, which is why it’s very important to implement crawl space solutions to keep it clean and healthy.

The structural damage in your crawl space can impact your home by creating uneven or sinking floors. Since the floor joists become weak, they can no longer support the weight of your home above resulting in sinking floors.

The water damage that can create mold or musty odors in your crawl space can also impact the inside of your home by carrying those mold spores and musty odors inside your home.

A phenomenon known as the stack effect allows the air inside your crawl space to enter your home, which is why it’s very important to keep your crawl space healthy.

Crawl Space Repair Solutions

At LRE Foundation Repair, we offer a variety of Tampa crawl space water damage, crack, and sinking repair solutions to transform your crawl space into a clean, healthy environment. Whether you’re experiencing water damage or structural damage, we can fix it and restore your home’s value.

  • Crawl Space Support Jacks: Our Tampa crawl space sinking repair team uses the SmartJack system to lift your sagging floor joists back into place and fix the sagging floors inside your home.
  • Vapor Barriers: A vapor barrier can be used to encapsulate your crawl space and instantly turn it into a clean, dry, healthy environment. It is a thick white liner that lines the entire space and covers up the old dirty crawl space floor and walls.
  • Dehumidifiers: Dehumidifiers work around the clock to keep the air inside your crawl space dry and clean, eliminating the opportunity for mold to grow or musty odors to form.

Crawl Space Repair Solutions from LRE Foundation Repair

Let LRE Foundation Repair protect your crawl space and restore your home’s value. We will provide you with a free estimate on how to fix and protect your crawl space to keep it dry and healthy.

Contact us today for your free inspection for our crawl space solutions! We currently serve Tampa, Orlando, and other cities across central Florida.