Crawl Space Moisture Barriers for Florida Homeowners

At the heart of the CleanSpace® crawl space vapor barrier system is a durable, mold-resistant, poly-reinforced crawl space moisture barrier. 

The super-durable crawl space moisture and vapor barrier installs on the inside walls and floors of your crawl space, preventing humidity and moisture from seeping into your home. In doing so, the CleanSpace® Crawl Space Vapor Barrier will protect your home from structural damage, mold growth, and rot.

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A vapor barrier is the most crucial component of crawl space waterproofing.

CleanSpace® Moisture Barrier Features:

  • 25-year warranty against rips and tears
  • 20-mil thick
  • 7-layer polyethylene material with polyester cord reinforcement 
  • Mold-resistant additive “UltraFresh” prevents mold and mildew growth
  • Compatible with other products such as specific drainage matting, perimeter drain, sump pumps, and dehumidifiers. 

Do I need a vapor barrier in my crawl space? 

Especially in crawl spaces with exposed dirt floors, installing a moisture barrier is the most crucial step in preventing crawl space water damage.

The benefits of crawl space moisture barriers

  • The most cost-effective way waterproof your crawl space and prevent the need for future crawl space repairs
  • Protects against mold and dry rot growth
  • Makes your crawl space uninviting for termites, cockroaches, ants, crickets, and other pests that need a moist environment to survive
  • Prevents crawl space flooding by completely sealing walls and floors
  • Eliminates musty odors and allergies due to mold spores
  • Prevents hot, humid summer air and frigid winter air from entering your home, keeping utility bills low
  • Helps control indoor humidity
  • Acts as a radon mitigation system
  • Compatible with active radon mitigation systems, sump pumps, and the SaniDry™ dehumidifier
  • Cleans and opens up your crawl space, transforming it into additional storage space
  • Increases home value

Crawl space moisture barrier installation

In as little as one day, your home could be protected from humidity, mold, pests, flooding, and odors! The CleanSpace® Crawl Space Vapor Barrier can be installed in less than a day. During the installation process, your crawl space contractor will first inspect your crawl space for any water or structural damage before the moisture barrier is installed. Then, your contractor will seal any crawl space vents to prevent humid air from entering and becoming trapped under the liner. Finally, your contractor will line the foundation walls and floor with the CleanSpace® poly to create a continuous air and moisture barrier.

Before and After Installing Moisture Barrier


Moisture that enters the crawl space through vents and soil can ruin insulation and also encourage mold growth and wood rot.


Covering the crawl space floor and walls with a heavy-duty moisture barrier eliminates moisture problems, makes the living space more comfortable and cuts heating & cooling costs.

Get a Free Inspection Before Your Crawl Space Moisture Barrier Installation

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