Crawl Space Structural Damage

Crawl spaces are the unsung heroes of a home. Depending on how the crawl space is designed, it can be great for storing things, but it doesn’t see much use on a regular basis. You may not think much about your crawl space, but it is very valuable to the structure of your home. Oftentimes, issues with crawl spaces go largely unnoticed. Even if you are using your crawl space on a routine basis, damage can be difficult to notice. 

When you go into your crawl space, you will probably notice how humid the air feels and how dark the area can be. This is the perfect breeding ground for mildew, bugs, mold, and musty smells that can permeate the structure of your home. Some of these issues can be hard to combat because of how humid it can be in Florida, but LRE Foundation Repair has you covered with our premium crawl space damage and structural home repair services in the Tampa area. 

Structural Repair You Can Count On

Structural damage in a crawl space can sometimes go unnoticed for far too long. Most homeowners don’t put much thought into the integrity of their crawl space. If the crawl space isn’t structurally sound, you may notice your floors or walls sagging, or other signs of crawl space damage present in your home in the Tampa area. This can be due to the immense weight being put on the crawl space. Once the floor begins to sag, the crawl space becomes weaker and weaker, which can permanently damage the floors and walls of your home.

Sarasota Crawl Space Encapsulation, Insulation, Waterproofing & Repair

Do You Suspect Damage?

No one wants to think about possible issues with the structure of their home. But dealing with issues early on can prevent further damage down the road. If you’ve noticed signs of crawl space damage, give LRE Foundation Repair a call today and schedule an appointment to address the crawl space damage in your Tampa home. Our experienced structural home repair team will come to your home and provide a free inspection. Contact us today to get your crawl space back in proper working order!