Know What Causes Crawl Space Damage

Crawl spaces are susceptible to many different types of damage based on the way they are designed. If you’ve inspected your crawl space before, you’ve probably noticed that it’s a very dark, dirty, damp space.

Since they are unhealthy environments as it is, any outside elements can cause even more damage that can impact your home’s value.

If you notice any signs of damage to your crawl space, let LRE Foundation Repair provide a free inspection and a recommendation on how to fix the damage.

Different Types of Crawl Space Damage

There are a few different types of crawl space damage that are important for homeowners to look out for. Being able to identify crawl space damage in the early stages is important in order to prevent the problem from becoming worse over time.

Frequent checkups on your crawl space are a good idea to help prevent much larger issues from occurring, which can create bigger and more expensive issues for you to fix in the future.

Crawl Space Structural Damage

Structural damage in a crawl space can impact your home’s overall structural stability. If your crawl space is not structurally built to support the weight of your home, it can cause major problems inside your crawl space and inside your home.

If your crawl space is experiencing structural damage, you’ll likely notice it in the form of sagging floors inside your home. Once the floor joists in your crawl space become weak, they can no longer support the weight of the floors above and cause them to sag.

Crawl Space Water Damage

Water damage is very common in crawl spaces as it can easily enter and is difficult to remove. Once water enters the space, it can sit there for a very long period of time until it is manually removed.

As the water sits there, it can create musty odors, mold growth, or excess humidity. Crawl spaces receive very little air flow, so any water damage can quickly escalate and create bigger problems.

Crawl Space Damage and Your Home

Any damage in your crawl space can have a direct impact on your home. Whether its structural or water-related damage, the problems do not just stay in your crawl space.

This is why its very important to keep your crawl space well-maintained so that it does not impact the main living areas of your home.

If your crawl space has structural damage, your home can be impacted through sinking or uneven floors in your main living areas. Not only can this be an annoyance, but it can impact your home’s value as well.

Any water damage that is created in your crawl space can also impact your home by infiltrating the main living areas with musty odors or mold spores.


How to Fix Crawl Space Damage

We offer crawl space solutions to fix your crawl space damage and restore your home’s value. Depending on the problems you’re facing, LRE Foundation Repair can provide a free inspection and a recommendation on how to fix your crawl space damage.

  • Dehumidifiers: A crawl space dehumidifier constantly keeps the air inside your crawl space clean and dry, helping you avoid water damage.
  • Crawl Space Support Jacks: The SmartJack system is used to fix structural issues and lift your sagging floor joists back into their original position.
  • Vapor Barriers: Vapor barriers are used to create a waterproof liner that protects your crawl space from the harmful impacts of water damage.

Avoid Crawl Space Damage with LRE Foundation Repair

Rely on our crawl space experts at LRE Foundation Repair to protect your crawl space from damage. Our team has all of the necessary training and tools to restore your crawl space and protect your home’s value. We’ve proudly helped Florida homeowners since 1989 protect their crawl spaces.

Contact us today for your free inspection on how to avoid crawl space damage!