When purchasing a home, there are a lot of appealing features that sell you on the home; updated kitchen, paver pool decks, walk-in showers, or clawfoot tubs. But before you start imagining cooking in that updated kitchen, relaxing on that beautiful paver pool deck, or soaking in that glamorous clawfoot tub, refocus a little deeper. The foundation. Just like any good relationship, if the foundation isn't solid, neither is your future. 

1. How to spot the warning signs of foundation damage

Whether you're looking for homes in Brooksville, Spring Hill, Hudson, Tampa, or any other sinkhole prone city - you'll need to distinguish the difference between actual foundation damage or whether those cracks are due to normal settlement. Here are some symptoms of foundation damage:


2. Should you buy a home with foundation damage?

When you walk into a home and either fall in love with the character, location, amentities, etc. it'd be devastating to walk away just because it has foundation issues. They may sound and look scary, but foundation issues can be addressed. Now that real problems have been uncovered, it's the ideal time to negotiate the home's asking price to reflect the actual remediation plan.

3. So there are foundation cracks. Don't walk away just yet. 

All people are created equal, but not the case with foundation cracking. Some are diagnosed as just normal settlement, but others can signal a true foundation problem. Cracks less than a 1/4 of an inch on walls and foundations are typical to Florida homes. Those can be possibly be dealt with cosmetically. But wide cracks or unevenness can lead to a bigger issue. Be prepared to address the issue quickly, as foundation problems can and will get worse and more costly over time.

4. Trying to sell a home with foundation issues? You can do it. 

If you think your home has foundation problems, you're probably considering if fixing the problem before you sell is worth it. We'll give you both scenarios. If you're certain that your home has foundation issues, as in you've received documentation of some sort that confirms there are foundation issues, you must disclose the information. Some buyers are immediately scared off from a home that has documented foundation problems. These buyers may have crossed your home off their list before you've even had a chance to explain that you have addressed the problem. In this scenario, it may be better not to fix the problem and let the buyer bring in someone they trust to fix the issue. On the flip side, it is advisable to fix the problem before selling because choosing a competent and trusted foundation contractor with a strong reputation and warranty could be the selling point to your potential buyer.

5. A diamond in the rough.

Marketing foundation damage as a pro vs. a con? Really? Yes, really! In areas of the state where foundation problems are a concern, buying a home with repaired foundation damage can be a good thing! Think of it this way - would you rather buy a home that is repaired by a trusted contractor backed by a warranty or buy a home that has the potential for future foundation concerns? Makes sense, right?! Also, for an unrepaired home, you can tout the fact that they are receiving a significant discount on the home that they can now use to add amenities to the home that they wouldn't otherwise be able to accomplish. Win-win!

If you are buying or selling a home in Hernando, Pasco, Hillsborough, or any other county in Florida you're concerned has foundation damage, call LRE today! LRE is Florida's largest privately-owned foundation contractor trusted since 1989. With over 6,000 completed projects in the state, you can be assured that your home is in good hands. We offer free estimates and inspections, so call one of our professional and knowledgeable representatives to address your concerns today! (352) 247-7716