Pool stabilizer

Want a new pool but facing weak supporting soils and a foundation that shifts and cracks? Before building a new pool, make sure it won’t be vulnerable to settlement.
Our pool stabilization services will assure you have a secure, stable, and safe pool deck for worry-free fun in the sun!

To learn more about our stabilization services for new pool constructions, schedule a free service inspection in Orlando, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, and nearby in Florida today!

Why you need pool stabilizing services?

If you live in an area with lots of hills or in a neighborhood with a history of foundation settlement, there is a probably a chance your new pool may need extra structural support.

At LRE Foundation Repair we use steel helical piers, drilling them beneath the surface, to provide added support in these conditions.

Blades or leads penetrate the ground while extension shafts reach into load-bearing soils, assuring durable stabilization for long-term security.

This will protect the investment of your pool and make sure it stays safe for all who enjoy it.

Benefits of a pool stabilizer

We use helical piers as a pool stabilizer for many advantageous reasons:

  • Perfect for neighborhoods with hills
  • Protects homes with a history of foundation settlement
  • Helical piers breach the surface to stable, load-bearing soils
  • Provides long-term pool stabilization
  • Manufactured with highly durable steel

Get more info about pool stabilizers!

If you are interested in providing long-term structural support for your new pool, contact the experts at LRE Foundation Repair today. We can assess your home and recommend permanent structural solutions for both your home’s foundation and your pool.

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