Retaining Wall

Retaining wall repair

Retaining walls are common in Florida due to the amount of lakes, rivers, and other waterfront property built along the coast. Retaining walls are used to support and maintain the soil behind them, retaining the lateral pressure of the soil. They help to keep the soil shaped and constrained to a height or specific degree that prevents erosion in the space. Retaining walls help maintain a safe, level space and prevent soil from movement due to erosion or gravity. At LRE in Tampa, our retaining wall repair team is here to help keep your family and home safe.

Constructed from a variety of materials, including concrete, wood, steel, vinyl, or brick, retaining walls are often found around roads, bodies of water, and parking lots. They maintain safe spaces for vehicles and people to travel. They are useful in preventing soil erosion, especially near lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water.

Retaining walls serve an important role in maintaining the integrity of your property, so when they begin to fail, the damage can be costly. It’s important to note the signs of damage early on to reduce the amount of damage and expense a failing retaining wall can cause. 

If you observe tilting, buckling, cracking, separating, or crumbling of your retaining walls, it is crucial that you contact a professional right away for an assessment and retaining wall repair available in Tampa. 

Our experts at LRE Foundation Repair can assess your retaining wall damage and determine the right solution to repair it. If the wall is made of concrete, wall anchors or helical tiebacks can be used to restore the structural integrity and prevent collapse. These retaining wall repair methods, like wall anchor installation, use sturdy steel wall brackets that brace the exterior wall and evenly distribute the pressure of the anchor. During retaining wall repair, our Tampa area experts work to return the wall to its right position as well as provide the needed support to prevent further damage or collapse.

Although wall anchors are generally less expensive than helical tiebacks, they aren’t always an ideal solution. If the surrounding soil is rocky or space is limited, properly implementing a wall anchor isn’t possible. In these cases, helical anchors must be installed for proper support.

Our specialists can provide a free inspection and determine which solution is best for your retaining wall repair needed in Tampa. This includes wall anchor installation, repair services, helical anchor implementation, consultations, and more! LRE Foundation Repair offers free, written retaining wall repair inspections at no obligation. Schedule your appointment today!