Retaining Wall

Helical Anchors for Retaining Wall Repair

If your retaining walls are crumbling, tilting, or appear to be separating, they’re definitely due for an inspection and more than likely in desperate need of repair. In order to restore concrete retaining walls while still maintaining the overall integrity of the structure, our experts here at LRE Foundation Repair often suggest wall anchors or helical tiebacks as a repair solution. 

In spite of the fact that wall anchors are typically less expensive, there are some circumstances in which wall anchors will not suffice and helical anchors must be employed. This is typically due to suboptimal soil conditions or space limitations that render wall anchors an unworkable choice in these situations. Our foundation repair specialists can assess your personal circumstances and determine what the most appropriate and cost-effective solution would be for your retaining wall repair.

Helical anchors, also known as tiebacks, are placed through a hole in the exposed face of the retaining wall, which is then covered with a waterproof membrane. These helical anchors have the appearance of large screws with blades fashioned in a spiraling shape that is optimal for earth retention purposes. The helical blades on the anchor are specifically engineered to assist in lowering and securing the anchor into the earth. The threaded rod from the tieback that extends from the retaining wall is then secured to a wall plate with a nut in order to strengthen it.  

With a helical tieback system, you can be sure that your retaining walls will be restored to their original aesthetics and structural integrity, making them look and function as good as new. Our experts are here to answer any questions you may have about your retaining wall repair, and we offer free inspections. Schedule yours today!