Symptoms Of Cracked Brick

Bricks have a timeless look that homeowners have come to rely on for structure, beauty, and curb appeal. They have been used for centuries because they have proven they can stand the test of time. Even though they have been used by builders for a long time, that doesn’t mean they don’t come with faults. At LRE Foundation Repair, we have seen bricks fail many times. Most of the time this is at no fault of the homeowner, it is typically external forces that cause issues. While one or two cracked bricks may not seem like a big deal, cracked bricks can be a sign of bigger issues that can lead to more problems down the road if not fixed right away. For Tampa’s best brick and stucco repairs come to LRE Foundation Repairs, LLC. We offer foundation and structural repairs that will help protect your home for years to come!

Natural Problems

One of the biggest causes of cracked bricks is not what’s on the surface of the house but what’s below it. As soil is met with various weather conditions, it tends to expand and contract. When the ground is wet, it can cause the soil underneath your home to become less stable or erode. As the soil shifts, it can no longer hold the weight of the structure. As your home begins to sink slightly, it puts more strain on the structure, causing it to crack. 

Bricks can crack in a variety ways, and the appearance of the crack can indicate how big of an issue there may be. Bricks can crack in horizontal, vertical, and stair-step patterns. If you notice cracks in your bricks, it’s important to give LRE Foundation Repair a call right away so we can determine the cause and offer solutions to resolve the issue. Here in Tampa, we know brick repairs can be stress, but LRE is here to make it as easy as possible! Our professionals make sure that those in the Tampa area have foundation and structural repairs that are always completed correctly and in a timely manner.

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When you notice symptoms of cracked bricks in need of structural repair, don’t hesitate to call the Tampa team you can trust, LRE Foundation Repair. Our experts will provide you with an estimate and fix the problem before it becomes bigger. Contact us for your Tampa brick repairs today!