Symptoms Of Cracked Stucco

Stucco has been prized for hundreds of years because of the look and comfort it adds to a home. The southwestern feel it adds and the insulation it creates compels homeowners to add stucco to their homes every year. While this decorative exterior is lovely, it is not without its problems. These issues are typically not the fault of the homeowner. They often come from poor installation or weather-induced issues. Here at LRE Foundation Repair, we have seen many different ways that stucco can fail, and we know how to pinpoint the cause and repair the problem before it gets any bigger. If you are in need of cracked stucco repairs in Tampa, LRE Foundation repairs can help!

Weaker Than Most

Stucco is used in many homes in Florida. While it offers a beautiful look, it can also be very susceptible to damage. While it’s not always an issue with the foundation, oftentimes cracked stucco points to damage that needs to be fixed right away. Symptoms of cracked stucco appear in several ways. Hairline cracks are bound to happen. Because stucco is usually applied as a decorative wall covering, a crack here and there can simply be a normal sign of wear and tear. Cracks in the foam trim can point to poor installation, and can sometimes be a sign of foundation settlement. Spider cracking is often an issue that stems from poor installation, where the base coat didn’t properly cure. Here in Tampa, we have worked with all types of cracked stucco repairs, repairing wall cracks is our specialty!

Symptoms of cracked stucco are often easy to spot, which is why it is important to occasionally check your home for cracks. Even though some cracks are not something to be worried about, it is important to have a trusted Tampa area cracked stucco repair expert take a look. Here at LRE Foundation Repair, we know exactly what to look for to determine if the cracks in your stucco may become a bigger issue down the road. For Tampa’s best wall crack repairs contact LRE today!

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