Tilted Chimney

Foundation damage is a big deal. It can decrease the value of your home, can be costly to repair, and you could even lose your house if the problem is not corrected. LRE Foundation Repair, Inc. is in the business to solve foundation problems early enough to prevent more serious situations and bigger expenses down the road.

The constant pressure expansive soils exert upon your foundation and improper water drainage are the primary causes of foundation problems. The force of settling soil can cause cracks on the exterior of your foundation and bowed walls in the basement. When rain gutters and downspouts fail to direct roof runoff away from the foundation, water will collect in the soil, which puts too much pressure upon the foundation. When the pressure becomes too great, the wall will collapse.

It’s important for you, as a homeowner, to recognize the visible symptoms of foundation damage on the exterior of your house. One major sign of foundation problems is a cracked or tilting chimney, or one that has separated from your home. Other signs can be sagging or fallen porches, cracks in the porch steps, and cracks in exterior masonry. Exterior foundation damage is not just unsightly but is a sure indicator of some serious underlying issues. Knowing what to look for and monitoring your house regularly could save you lots of expense, or even your home. If you would prefer a professional opinion on your foundation, our experts at LRE Foundation Repair know how to identify the warning signs and know the solutions to protect your home against further damage.

If your house shows signs of foundation damage, call LRE Foundation Repair, Inc. Our team will provide a free inspection to analyze the situation and recommend a solution. We have a top-notch teams of design specialists and technicians who can solve any foundation problem, large or small, so give us a call. It might be one of the most important calls you've made in awhile.