Sinking & Settling Concrete Floor Slab Repair

Causes & repair solutions for cracked, sinking concrete floors

Do you have a concrete slab floor that is showing signs of sinking, sagging, or settling? Are the walls separating from the floor below or ceiling above?

If you have a problem like this in your home, you could have a sinking or settling concrete floor slab. This problem can lead to cracks in floors and walls, uneven surfaces, and a weakened foundation.

Luckily, the foundation repair experts at LRE Foundation Repair can help you solve this problem permanently! We provide a complete foundation repair solutions in Tampa, Orlando, Saint Petersburg and nearby areas in Florida. Call us today at (352) 247-7716 to get a free inspection.


Concrete slab piers can extend deep below the floor to reach competent supporting soils and permanently stabilize the floor.

Signs Of Slab Settlement

The three most common causes of settling concrete floor slabs are as follows:


Drying/Shrinking Of Soils Under The Slab

Foundation Repair

Washout Of Soil Underneath The Slab

Foundation Repair

Poor Compaction Of Foundation Fill Soils

Installing The Supportworks Slab Pier System

Supportworks Slab Pier System stabilizes the concrete floor slab in your home. It provides the best opportunity to relevel the floor and lift non-load bearing partition walls that may have settled along with the slab. To install our system, our contractor will take these six steps:

Looking For Foundation Slab Repair Contractors In FL?

At LRE Foundation Repair, we provide proven solutions for concrete slab floor leveling -- as well as other foundation repair solutions -- to homeowners throughout Florida. We provide each of our customers with a free, no obligation slab repair inspection, in writing, before any work is done. To schedule your appointment, call (352) 247-7716 or email us today!

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