Are asking yourself “why are my doors and windows sticking?” If so, this may be a sign of foundation issues in your home near Tampa. A door or window that sticks when opening and closing could indicate one of two things: foundation settlement or crawl space support failure. It is important to call in experts to inspect your home as soon as you notice issues like these to ensure the problem doesn’t get bigger.

Sticking Doors and Windows Could Mean Serious Issues

While it’s not completely uncommon to have a door or window stick on occasion, it can sometimes mean something troublesome is happening in your home. Here are some things to look out for if you are worried about your sticking windows or doors:


Cracking near a doorway or a window can be a bad sign. It can often mean that there are issues happening with the foundation itself, and the extra stress is weighing on your doorways and windows. If left unaddressed, it could lead to further structural problems. Have our foundation contractors in Tampa come take a look.

Uneven Floors

When your floors, especially near window and door openings, become uneven, this can be a sign of a foundation issue. You may notice doors not closing properly or locks not working when your floors have become unlevel.

Settling Foundations

Foundation issues can be caused by a large variety of factors. Foundation settlement is often out of the control of the homeowner because it is often caused by natural changes in the earth. Settling can be caused by loose soil, heavy rain, or simply time.

LRE Foundation Repair is here to help. If you are worried about sticking doors and windows in your Tampa home and whether it means your foundation is settling, our foundation contractors can assess the problem and offer long-lasting solutions. Stop asking yourself “why are my doors and windows sticking,” contact us right away to schedule your free inspection!