Shifting Soils

Foundation settlement can occur in structures anywhere across the globe, but in Florida, the swampy land, sandy soil, and moisture present another level of foundation settlement issues. Unfortunately, with the abundance of water both near the coast and inland, the unstable soil presents problems for homes and other structures built in The Sunshine State. Due to its moisture, instability, and tendency to swell and contract, Florida’s soil can cause poor conditions for a functional and reliable foundation. This creates a need for a quality foundation settling repair expert in Tampa!

The already moist soil is exacerbated by the heavy downpours Florida is known for, so shifting or eroding soil is not an uncommon occurrence here, and that is generally bad news for homeowners. No one wants a foundation issue with their home, and they especially don’t want their homes sinking into the ground. There are some visual red flags that your foundation is failing, if you know where to look and what to look for. If you do notice signs of foundation failure in your Tampa home, like shifting soil or concrete cracks, it’s important to address these issues right away to prevent further damage and more costly repairs down the line. 

Stairstep cracking on a residential home in Manatee County, FL

Any exterior cracks in the building’s walls can indicate foundation damage. For your home in the Tampa area, shifting soils can cause foundation settlement, which is evident when you see cracks in stucco, bricks, or concrete. These cracks can form in various places, and not necessarily in telltale locations like exterior walls. Although somewhat rare, some Florida homes have fireplaces, and thus they have chimneys. A cracking or tilting chimney can be a sign of foundation damage. Retaining walls are common in Florida, and if you have a retaining wall on your property and you notice it is bowing, buckling, or collapsing, this is a symptom of shifting soil and foundation settlement. Contact the Tampa foundation settling repair team at LRE if you have more questions about the services we offer to protect your home!

If you notice unusual cracks, tilting, or other signs of shifting or eroding soil around your home, it’s important to call a professional foundation repair company right away. LRE Foundation Repair can come to your property and conduct a free inspection. Our Tampa foundation settling repair experts are trained to identify concrete cracks or other symptoms that are due to foundation settlement. If we determine your home is having foundation issues, we can recommend permanent solutions to repair your foundation and prevent future foundation issues from occurring. Schedule your free inspection today!