Foundation Drainage Problems

Water is a primary cause of foundation problems. The most serious problem is when the expansive soil around your house swells because it holds too much water. That swelling begins to exert tons of pressure against your foundation, which causes cracks in the concrete, bows the walls in your basement, and creates other structural damage to the interior of your home. If there is too little water, the ground soil can shrink, which causes the foundation to settle. Chances are, the foundation will settle unevenly from one side to the other, which can also cause cracks in your foundation and structural damage to the interior of your home. This is a sure sign that you need a professional drainage contractor to inspect your home in Tampa.

Signs of Drainage Problems

That's when it’s time to call the foundation repair service experts at LRE Foundation Repair. We've been in business more than 32 years, and with multiple teams of award-winning professionals, we’ve become the premier foundation repair specialists throughout the greater Tampa and Orlando areas. Our contractors know what to look for in drainage problems, and we have the expertise to correct whatever damage may have occurred.

We'll check the rain gutters around your home to ensure they are not clogged and that they properly redirect water away from your house. We'll also check that the downspouts are properly redirecting water away from the foundation. Then we'll check the grading around your home. Land grading refers to ensuring your yard is level, and perhaps slightly sloped away from the foundation. Uneven sections and depressions in your yard will accumulate excess water, and if your property is improperly graded, draining water can become a challenge.

Proper Drainage Installation from LRE Foundation Repair

Foundation damage is a huge deal. It lowers the value of your home, is costly to repair, and if left uncorrected, could lead to the destruction of your home. If you notice water collecting around your foundation, or you notice the fireplace is beginning to separate from the exterior of your house, give the Tampa drainage contractors at LRE Foundation Repair a call. We're in the business of solving your foundation problems early enough to prevent more serious situations and bigger expenses down the road.

Contact us today for your free inspection on how to avoid drainage problems, or to talk about any of our other foundation repair services offered in the Tampa area!