Foundation Settlement

When people say that a strong foundation is the most important part of almost anything, they aren’t lying. If the soil your foundation was built into can’t adequately support your home’s load, foundation settlement is inevitable. Air pockets form when the soil moves, and those pockets of air can’t support heavy weight. This means that the home built on this failing foundation will move, crack, and shift over time, causing all sorts of undesirable settlement issues. Cracks will become steadily apparent, and the structural weakening of everything supporting your home is already underway. The type of soil is also an important factor in determining how much worse your foundation settlement could get. For example, bedrock won’t typically allow settlement as significant as clay might. Cracks in your foundation caused by settlement are no joke and need to be addressed right away. If you live in Tampa and have settlement issues in your foundation, call our repair team today!

The foundation crack repair experts in Tampa at LRE Foundation Repair have decades of collective experience under our belts, and foundation settlement is one of our many areas of expertise. We can assess any exterior cracking that you’ve found and determine if it is caused by foundation settlement, how advanced the settlement may be, and what the best and most cost-effective course of action would be. Horizontal and vertical cracking in your foundation is an urgent sign that soil pressures are wreaking havoc below.

Our team in Tampa are foundation crack repair experts that you can trust with any issue you find in your home. Some interior cracks can also be a warning sign of foundation settlement, so please don’t ignore them—give us a call! If your home continues to move due to foundation settlement, the problems that you will incur as a result will only get worse without professional intervention. There are many other signs of foundation settlement, including bulging or buckling foundation walls, tilting chimneys, sticking windows or doors, and sloping floors. If you’re noticing any of these common symptoms of foundation settlement issues in your Tampa home. Reach out to the foundation crack repair team at LRE Foundation Repair now to schedule your free inspection!