We all know how often it can rain in the Tampa Bay area. That’s why your home must have a proper rain-water drainage system.

Below are just a few reasons it may be time to consider an adequate drainage system for your property.

Foundation Damage

Perhaps the most important aspect of installing a proper rain-water drainage system for your Tampa home is that it protects the integrity of your foundation. Without adequate drainage, water can collect around the foundation, causing soil expansion, erosion, and foundation problems. A properly functioning drainage system enables the free flow of water and prevents it from accumulating near your house. Standing water can not only find its way into your home, causing damage within its walls, but it can also cause cracks and fractures in your foundation, leading to costly repairs. 

Unwanted Pests

Stagnant water can also be a breeding ground for unwanted pests. Mosquitos, palmetto bugs,  and other pests thrive in damp conditions. Preventing water accumulation on your property helps to keep your home and the surrounding area free of these unwelcome guests.

Mold and Fungus

Excessive moisture can also lead to mold and fungus growth. The ongoing presence of moisture—which is often caused by inefficient drainage—can allow mold and mildew to thrive. Some forms of mold can be dangerous to your health and can grow for months before being detected. Damp environments can also lead to fungi developing. For example, lawn fungus can grow if the air circulation is not adequate, and just like mold, fungus can be harmful to your health. A proper drainage system can help prevent this issue. 

If your Tampa property is in need of a proper rain-water drainage system, the experts at LRE Foundation Repair can help.

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