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LRE Foundation Repair is the leading ground service contractor in Florida. With over 30 years of experience in the business, LRE is focused on getting all residential and commercial properties the help they need when it comes to foundation services. Here in Jacksonville, we offer the finest soil improvement service in Florida.

You made an investment when you purchased your home. You want to ensure, whether you are living there for years to come or just for a little while, that anything wrong with it is fixed immediately. Our grouting services ensure that your foundation will stand the test of time. Whether you need slurry grouting, compaction grouting, or are having issues with a settling structure, our Jacksonville team will be able to handle it with the quality and precision we are known for. Residents of Florida choose us because we are known for our superior customer service and our dedication to ensuring that every customer walks away completely satisfied with the work we have done. 

LRE began its business in 1989 as Lar-Rays Excavating, Inc., repairing sinkholes. After three years of simply repairing sinkholes, it was decided that the company wanted to expand its foundation services across the state of Florida to offer customers more. Since the company began, LRE has grown from three employees to well over 100. Our team has always been dedicated to working hard and providing our customers with the quality they expect and deserve!

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LRE is dedicated to servicing not only Jacksonville but also the surrounding areas with soil stabilizations done right the first time. Contact LRE Foundation Repair to get started with an estimate and find out how our services can prevent your home from having foundation problems! Our Jacksonville grouting experts will come to your home and provide a free inspection. Call today!