LRE Foundation Repair is commonly associated with residential and commercial foundation repairs. While that holds true for the majority of its work, LRE is also called on for projects outside of foundation-related issues.

The Memorial Park Cemetery in St. Petersburg is a perfect example of this. LRE recently was hired by Team Develop-ment Corporation to help remedy a storm drain issue the burial ground is having there.

LRE was one of several com-panies to bid on the commer-cial project. According to Team Development Corp., they have no regrets regarding their decision to call on LRE for this important task.

“This is the second time in the past few months that I’ve per-sonally been involved with LRE,” wrote Team Develop-ment Vice President Brian Forret. “I am not only im-pressed with your manage-ment team, but your field staff as well. I have been in the con-struction business for over 20 years. I wish every sub-contractor I used was as pro-fessional as your team. I say this because it’s truly war-ranted. I look forward to working with LRE again in the future.”

LRE is in the process of in-stalling floable fill in abandoned underground pipes at the Me-morial Park Cemetery. The project will continue through the end of the year.