After a massive sinkhole collapsed part of Summer Bay Resort in Clermont, Florida, media outlets and residents are looking to the experts for answers as to why the number of sinkhole formations seems to be growing so rapidly.

The Daily Beast (who merged with Newsweek) interviewed LRE Foundation Repair who says their business has definitely grown over the past 10 years. Founded in 1989, LRE Foundation Repair is the largest sinkhole repair company in Florida. They have worked on about 4,500 jobs, with 1,500-2,000 of them being in the last five years. LRE told The Daily Beast that they will complete about 300 sinkhole repairs this year.

Frank Vitale, vice president and general manage of LRE told The Daily Beast that Florida is likely the sinkhole capital of the world, with a majority of sinkholes occurring in the Central Florida area, which is referred to as "Sinkhole Alley."

The question is: What makes the state so susceptible to sinkholes? The answer: porous and brittle limestone underneath the soil deteriorates and causes a hole that swallows anything above it, according to Vitale. Building, weather, and people, cause disturbances that weaken the ground.

Jim Flynn, marketing manager of LRE Foundation Repair told The Daily Beast that in the Tampa Bay area, the only places left to build are Pasco and Hernando counties, places where more and more sinkholes have been occurring. Coincidence? Flynn says no.

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