LRE Foundation Repair recently underwent a safety/loss prevention review from Summit Holdings as part of the company’s workers’ compensation coverage. The purpose of the inspection and review is to help companies like LRE identify potential hazards, address safety concerns, and potentially lower workers’ compensation costs. Summit randomly visited four different LRE job sites on Monday, July 27, 2015. As part of Summit’s glowing, two-page report, they noted, “All four crews worked very carefully always being mindful of their surroundings working together in an efficient and safe manner. Great teamwork and excellent communication was observed on all four job sites.”

The only item listed for LRE to look into was “minor fatigue” related to a hose, which was not an immediate safety concern. As far as recommendations made by Summit that required a written response from LRE, none were noted. This is not a surprise, but still warrants kudos for LRE Safety Manager Donald Kemp and the crew members that take safety seriously each day