It's not news that Lake residents want to hear but sinkholes are on the rise in the Florida County. While people tend to imagine the earth opening up and swallowing cars whole, sinkholes actually show themselves much earlier through various warning signs.

A crack in a residential foundation is a sign of a sinkhole issue. In an interview earlier this year with the Orland Sentinel, Jim Flynn of LRE Foundation Repair told the newspaper that the “sinkholes in Lake have definitely got everyone's attention. It's not just our own experience - the engineers we work with on projects have echoed the sentiment about the increase in activity."

Soil conditions vary in Lake County, from thick clay sediments to thin limestone. In the clay areas, cover-collapse sinkholes are more likely to form quickly, because the soil cannot support the weight of the void below it. In the limestone areas, they develop slowly over time as water erodes the soil. Homeowners will see evidence of developing sinkholes through wall cracks, windows and doors that do not open or shut properly, and obvious low areas in your yard or driveway.

If you suspect your home or property has a sinkhole issue, don't wait! Contact the experienced professionals at LRE Foundation Repair for a free inspection and estimate.