When Tropical Storm Debby hit Brooksville, FL, Troy and Lily Fielder were left with a flooded home. When Debby hit, Lily was in the hospital fighting leukemia and lost her battle shortly after. Now the Fielder's front yard has been destroyed after three sinkholes opened up and swallowed a 200-year-old oak tree.

News Channel 8 spoke with LRE Foundation Repair, a Brooksville sinkhole repair company that has volunteered their services to help repair the sinkholes and hopefully stabilize the area enough to allow Troy to be able to move back into his home.

three sinkholes

LRE Foundation Repair can repair any Florida sinkhole with their professional and timely service. They also employ a Sinkhole Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T.) that is available to respond to an emergency dropout anywhere in the state. Contact the sinkhole repair contractor today to schedule a repair estimate.