Sagging Crawl Spaces

Are you worried about the state of your crawl space? Have you noticed moisture, insect infestation, or a musty smell? Is there a significant sagging visible in your crawl space or floors? Worry not! The crawl space encapsulation experts in Tampa at LRE Foundation Repair know just how to handle a sagging crawl space, and can have your foundation protected and stabilized in no time at all.

First and foremost, a sagging crawl space typically indicates that your support beams or floor joists are failing. Joists are lengths of support structures arranged parallel, and are used to fortify floors or ceilings. Sometimes they are made of metal, or more commonly, wood. In a Florida home, wood damage can accelerate with the humidity and moisture that gets naturally drawn into a tight area such as a crawl space.

When these joists fail from mold or rot, or when there weren’t enough support posts built to acceptably sustain the load bearing down from above the crawl space, support beams can sink into the ground. If your crawl space is positioned in such a way that there’s a floor above it, the floor will sag too, causing even greater danger to anyone traversing these areas of the home. When the floor sags, it can pull down on joined walls, leading to cracks in drywall and other structural necessities. Our local Tampa crawl space encapsulation, repair, and waterproofing experts are ready to help you feel safe in your home again!

If not repaired, this could ultimately compromise the structural stability of other areas of your home as well, creating more headaches for you down the road, not to mention an unsafe living environment. LRE Foundation Repair can fix your sagging crawl space by installing more effective and reliable support posts. Our Tampa crawl space repair experts are trained and certified to install the SmartJack® crawl space repair system. Our team also provides crawl space waterproofing solutions in Tampa and performs crawl space encapsulation services during the visit, which further helps to protect your crawl space from the elements. 

Reach out to LRE Foundation Repair today for your free crawl space inspection. Our team in Tampa offers crawl space waterproofing, encapsulation, and repair services!