Requests for sinkhole inspections and repairs have increased throughout the Tampa Bay area. Following the tragedy in Seffner, in which a man was swallowed by a sinkhole while sleeping in his bed, homeowners have become increasingly concerned about the possibility of a sinkhole opening up near their own home. Many residents are still confused about the signs of a sinkhole and when and if they should have it repaired.

After voicing your concerns with your insurance company, they will likely send out an engineer to inspect the ground around your home. In the event that a sinkhole is present, a sinkhole repair company will then be called in to repair the damage and stabilize the soil around the home.

Bay News 9 spoke with Jim Flynn, marketing manager of LRE Foundation Repair, a contractor with plenty of experience repairing sinkholes and unstable foundations. Flynn says that they have talked to many concerned residents and have definitely seen an increase in calls for sinkhole repairs.

While a disastrous sinkhole is uncommon, it's important to be alert, know the symptoms, and talk to neighbors about whether they have experienced any signs of possible sinkholes.

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